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CES Donates Retired Service Van to Pibbles & More Animal Shelter

Posted by Combined Energy Services on Jul 27, 2015 10:51:00 AM

Top to bottom: Julio Roman (Trainer), Saleena Hernandez (Founder), Michael Taylor (President, CES), Bella, Melissa Roberts (Puppy & Expected Mother Coordinator) and Chris Roberts (CES/PMAR). Second Row: Julio Roman Jr. and Gabby. Third Row: Gixxer, Dory and Stella.

Combined Energy Services
, a local family owned propane gas and fuel oil company, works closely with the community and often donates to local non-profits.

On Wednesday July 22nd, CES donated a retired service van to Pibbles & More Animal Shelter (PMAR) at their Dingmans Ferry, PA location in Pike County.

PMAR is a small, foster-based rescue located in Queens, NY whose purpose is to rescue animals from high-kill shelters and dangerous situations and place them in loving homes primarily in the Tri-State region (NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA).  They are funded through public donations, grants, contests and more.  Currently they have approximately 200 volunteers and 50 foster parents.

PMAR_Donation_1-305065-editedSaleena Hernandez, PMAR Founder/President,
and Michael Taylor, CES President,
going over details of the van.

"This van will help us tremendously with the transporting of animals, whether it's picking them up from a surrendering home owner or from a kill-shelter where the animal is facing imminent death to transporting them to their new foster or forever home." Saleena Hernandez, PMAR's Founder/President, stated.

When asked, "What's the one thing you want to tell the public?" Melissa Roberts stated, "Spay and neuter your animals.  There wouldn't be nearly as many animals in shelters if the public would do this."

PMAR_DOnation_8-579456-editedGixxer, a one year old dog, is available for adoption.

Combined Energy Services strongly believes in their social responsibility to improve the communities they live in and serve.  To learn more about CES and their role in bettering the community click on the link below. To learn more about adoption or becoming a foster parent visit Pibbles & More Animal Shelter.

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