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CES Expanding Fuel Oil Service in Central & Western Orange County, NY

Posted by Combined Energy Services on Mar 3, 2017 4:40:06 PM

Combined Energy Services is expanding their fuel oil services to Central and Western Orange County NY!

Combined Energy Services is expanding their signature products, services and exceptional customer service to fuel oil customers in Central and Western Orange County, NY!

The family owned and locally operated propane & fuel oil company that serves the Hudson Valley and Catskills, is excited to announce their new fuel oil distribution center at their Goshen, NY location!

What does this mean for you?

If you're a fuel oil user and live in Central and Western Orange County, NY -  you can now get your fuel oil from a long standing, reputable company who treats their customers like people... and not a number!!

Having a local fuel oil storage facility will help better serve Central and Western Orange County NY customers.

Having a local fuel storage will ensure CES provides better service to their growing customer base in Central and Western Orange County NY vs. the method where many other "fuel oil companies" simply drive to the terminals on the Hudson River to refill - CES eliminates that and can focue their energy on better serving their local customer base instead of driving long distances. 

This helps CES' efficiencies and allows them to deliver fuel oil to local consumers at a savings, since they're buying bulk via their own tractor trailers then refilling their smaller delivery trucks in Goshen.

That savings is passed along to the consumers!!

Live in Orange County, NY and interested in Fuel Oil Services?

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About Combined Energy Services:

Combined Energy Services

 Family owned and operated since 1968, Combined Energy Services is one of the largest propane gas and fuel suppliers in the Hudson Valley.

Buy from a Dependable Fuel Oil Company

With four offices in operation, CES provides customers throughout the Catskills (Sullivan, Orange County), Hudson Valley (Ulster County), Eastern Pennsylvania (Pike County) and Northern New Jersey (Sussex County) with dependable propane gas, fuel oil and kerosene deliveries, as well as un-matched, around-the-clock repair service.

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