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CES Offers Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Deliveries

Posted by Katrina DiCostanzo on Sep 28, 2016 4:03:21 PM

CES is your proven energy leader since 1968 - Delivers Gasoline, Ethanol Free and Diesel (On Road and Off Road)
CES is your proven energy leader since 1968!

Are you looking for unleaded or ethanol free gasoline delivered to your home or job site?  How about on-road or off-road diesel delivered to your home or job site?  Look no further!!

Combined Energy Services offers tanks, installation, pumps and delivery for gasoline (unleaded and ethanol free) and diesel fuel (on-road and off-road).

Gasoline - Unleaded & Ethanol Free

CES Now Delivers On / Off Road Diesel and Unleaded / Ethanol Free Gasoline
Gasoline conveniently and dependably delivered to your location!

Unleaded Gasoline

Combined Energy Services will help keep your vehicle moving no matter what!  Imagine having your own source of high quality gasoline at your convenience, where you want and need it.  Saves time, money & aggravation!

CES has the solution for your gasoline and storage tank needs.

Who our typical customers are:

  • Private vehicle fleets - keep your employees out of the c-stores with your credit card.

  • Homeowners for ATV's, lawn equipment, snowmobiles, etc.

  • Construction Sites

  • Back-up for peace of mind for that next regional disaster when gasoline is hard to find.

  • Marinas

  • Festival / Event Temporary Services to keep your equipment moving hassle-free & safely.

  • Direct fleet vehicle refueling during crisis situations on-site 24/7.

CES Delivering Diesel to the Concord Adelar Casino Project in Monticello, NY
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Deliveries - Saves Time, Money & Aggravation!

We provide competitive pricing, installation of tanks / pumps (sold or leased), dependable deliveries of 87 or 93 octane gasoline on a "call-in" or automatic delivery basis.  Deliveries can be as little as 150 gallons or up to full tractors trailers 10,000 gallons!

Ethanol Free Gasoline

Many gas powered engines can experience adverse effects from ethanol-blended fuel.  Ethanol Free gasoline can increase fuel efficiency, reduce engine problems and increase performance.

Perfect for:

  • Gas powered engines

  • Classic Cars

  • Motorcycles

  • ATV's

  • Boats or Personal Watercrafts

  • Snow blowers

  • Snowmobiles

  • Lawn Equipment

The chemical properties in ethanol can be destructive to rubber, fiberglass, plastic and other composite parts of the fuel system and engine.  This can cause carburetor damage, clogging and/or plugging of fuel injectors and ignitions failures but keeping.  Learn more about Ethanol Free Gasoline.   

Diesel Fuel - On Road and Off Road

Offroad Diesel Delivery Directly to Construction Equipment in Ellenville, NY
Don't disrupt your work flow and have on-road and off-road diesel on your property and at your disposal! 

Diesel Fuel: On-Road and Off-Road

There when you need us!

We've been delivering high quality diesel fuel from our own locally owned storage facilities since 1968.  Whether it's for your farm equipment, fleet vehicles, construction equipment or temporary needs - CES is the one call to handling all your fueling needs.

What we offer:

  • Dependable deliveries of on-road and off-road diesel to your tank or directly into your equipment (ultra low 15 ppm sulfur max).

  • Competitive pricing - large customer can be affixed to a wholesale terminal rate.

  • Storage tanks / pumps - sold & leased, installed, serviced in accordance with state and local codes.

  • Automatic or "will call" deliveries when you need fuel 24/7.

  • Certified computerized digital meters to ensure you get every drop you're paying for.

  • Remote cellular tank monitoring for your storage tanks & generator fuel cells to take fuel ordering off your list to do.

  • Storm / Emergency Service Specialist - We react fast when things go bad with mobile direct fleet fueling fast within the tri-state region (NY, PA, NJ).

  • Anti-gel products available for cold weather deliveries upon request.

  • Safety minded staff with modern, up-to-date, DOT / DEC approved equipment.

Diesel Delivery to Holiday Mountain Ski Resort in Rock Hill, NY
Whether you use your equipment in the summer or winter, CES will deliver diesel fuel (on road and off road) directly to your equipment!

Areas We Service: 

  • Sullivan County, NY
  • Ulster County, NY
  • Orange County, NY
  • Pike County, PA
  • Wayne County, PA

Stop hauling 5 gallon cans and start enjoying the convenience and peace of mind of having gasoline or diesel fuel delivered.  

Let us put our 50 years experience, local dedicated staff and top notch service to work for you today!  Get your free no obligation quote for delivery today:

Free No Obligation Quote

About Combined Energy Services


 Family owned and operated since 1968, Combined Energy Services is one of the largest propane gas and fuel suppliers in the Hudson Valley.

With four offices in operation, CES provides customers throughout the Catskills (Sullivan, Orange County), Hudson Valley (Ulster County), Eastern Pennsylvania (Pike County) and Northern New Jersey (Sussex County) with dependable propane gas, fuel oil and kerosene deliveries, as well as un-matched, around-the-clock repair service.

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