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Converting your Heating System from Fuel Oil to Propane Gas

Posted by Combined Energy Services on Mar 6, 2015 5:20:42 PM


Tired of messing with an old, unreliable, service intensive and dirty fuel oil burner in your heating system? 

One easy solution is the installation of the Carlin Gas Conversion Burner that can be installed in almost any oil fired furnace, boiler or water heater.


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Advantages of converting your existing fuel oil fired heating system or water heater to propane gas include:

  • Cleanliness:  Propane gas burns much cleaner than fuel oil.

  • Environmental Risk:  Leaking fuel oil or buried storage tanks pose a huge environmental risk that if leaks into the soil or acquifer can cost tens of thousands of dollars in clean-up.

  • Buried fuel oil tanks decrease the value of your home and can complicate home sale closings.

  • Propane gas burners require less on-going maintenace than similar fuel oil guns.

Have your fuel oil burner converted for clean, efficient propane

  • No clogged nozzles or filters from inconsistent or dirty grade fuel oil.

  • Can be supplied from the same storage tank used for cooking, heating, water heating, clothes drying, swimming pool heating, fire places, etc...  

  • Propane Gas is domestically produced here in the USA decreasing our dependance on foreign oil.

  • Propane pricing has been tracking natural gas in the USA and has typically been 20-45% less expensive than fuel oil.

Almost any existing oil burner can be converted to propane gas with the Carlin Conversion Gas Burner by the pros at Combined Energy Services  

When used for year-round heating, special programs that subsidize the cost of the conversion are available, call for details.  

Learn how you can convert from fuel oil to propane
Convert your heating system from fuel oil to propane and save!

If it's time to stop messing with that old, unreliable and dirty oil burner and the time has come to switch to CLEAN burning, environmentally friendly & versatile propane gas.

Feel free to contact CES for a no-obligation review and quote:  

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About Combined Energy Services


Family owned and operated since 1968, Combined Energy Services is one of the largest propane gas and fuel suppliers in the Catskills, Hudson Valley and surrounding areas.

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With four offices in operation, CES provides customers throughout the Catskills (Sullivan, Orange County), Hudson Valley (Ulster County), Eastern Pennsylvania (Pike County) and Northern New Jersey (Sussex County)with dependable propane gas, fuel oil and kerosene deliveries, as well as un-matched, around-the-clock repair service.

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