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Propane Gas Pool Heaters - Making Pool Season Enjoyable!

Posted by Combined Energy Services on Jul 3, 2018 9:14:59 AM

10 or 15 degrees can make all the difference between "yikes!!" and "aaahhhhh" we like to say when it comes to swimming pool heating!  


So you've spent $10,000 or maybe $20,000 on that nice swimming pool, worked hard to get the leaves out after a long winter and now you cringe every time you get in since even with a solar cover you just can't get used to that dreaded cold water.   Sound familiar?   Well if you're like a lot of people that just have no intentions of joining the "Polar Bear Club" taking cold swims - maybe it's time to consider a propane gas pool heater from Combined Energy Services.

The swimming season in the tri-state area is short, very short.  Think about it, you get that pool open by June 10th and you know it's time to close it around Labor Day when the kids go back to school.  It's a lot of money just to have that pool, so why not enjoy it comfortably and spend more time with water that's just a bit more comfortable?  


We always recommend a solar cover to not only grab some of the summer's rays, but also to keep the heat in the pool at night or any time when not in use.  Raising the pool temperature that 10 or 15 degrees can make all the difference in the world when it comes to being comfortable.  We install pool heaters for small 15' round aboveground pools to commercial olympic size pools. We're an authorized dealer for popular brands for Hayward, Raypak & Laars and handle sizing, installation, any warranty claims & repairs with our experienced staff of technicians if the need ever arises.  The same tank that's used to heat the pool can also be used to run other gas services in your home such as a back-up electric generator, home heating furnace, cooking stove or gas fireplace.  Clean, versatile, economical and free from environmental regulations. 


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