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Temporary Construction Heat for NY, NJ & PA

Posted by Combined Energy Services on Jun 2, 2015 9:07:21 AM

Temporary Propane Construction Heating --  We're the First Choice in NY, NJ & PA ! 

When it comes to keeping your construction site up and running during the cold months - the one name to turn to for temp construction heating is Combined Energy Services.


We've been pros at 'temp heating' on construction sites since 1968 and as a PROPANE SUPPLIER -we're truly the one call you have to make to handle both the propane gas AND the heater rental, often for a lot less than most rental companies since we specialize in gas & heating full time.


We provide: 

  • Portable 100 lb cylinders, all with current safety test dates & welded protective valve collars.
  • Bulk tanks installed safely OUTDOORS that keep your employees from having to mess with cylinder moving & change outs.  Sizes range from 100 gallon to 18,000 gallon portables. 
  • Heater rentals - from small 200,000 btu portable 'salamanders' (sheet metal, no electric required) which your staff can move from room to room
  • Blower Heater rentals -  we have a fleet of various size blower heaters ranging from 395,000 to 2 million BTUs for larger applications.  These heaters can be connected in series utilizing rubber hoses, bulk tanks installed safely outdoors and are thermostatically operated.  Truly turnkey. 
  • 24 hour / 7 day per week deliveries
  • Competitive rates for propane from one of the largest independent propane suppliers in the tri-state (NY, PA & NJ) region.  Pricing options include "fixed rates" so your budgets stay in control or tied to the wholesale market which fluctuates.
  • Fleet of 15 tanker trucks to make sure getting propane when you need it isn't a question.


  • We have the most 'local storage' of propane in the tri-state region and our own fleet of tractor trailers pulling from various supply sources to ensure we have the gas no matter how tight supply gets during the winter.  
  • FAST, hassle-free service when you need it


While some propane suppliers claim to be "temp heat specialists" - Combined Energy Services truly is. Some of the projects we've heated include:

  • school district & college construction
  • sewer plant rehabilitation / leachate facility 
  • retail warehouse construction
  • retail store construction (super centers, super markets, drug stores, etc)
  • bridge / highway heating to cure concrete
  • residential builders of all sizes
  • prison construction 


Equipment Refueling:   


CES is the leader when it comes to fleet & equipment refueling on-site including:

  • off-road diesel fuel directly into your machines saving you labor $$ & time
  • on-road diesel fuel into trucks on-site
  • gasoline directly to your on-site storage tank
  • night & weekend deliveries available
  • rental storage tanks with pumps / meters available 
  • approved supplier / vendor for various utility companies during storm outages
  • metered delivery tickets
  • safety program a standard, all OSHA guidelines adhered to with spotless safety record
  • trucks are equipped with remote shutdowns on delivery driver for added safety on your site

combined_energy_services_offroad_diesel_fuel_sullivan_county_diesel_combined_energy_services_fuel_oil_diesel_tank  off-road_diesel_June_2010


Give our sales team a call and let our experience go to work for you on your next cold weather construction project.  Call:  800-874-1975  or click HERE for our closest branch location.  

Servicing NY counties:  Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess, Delaware.  NJ Counties:  Sussex, Passaic & Warren.  PA Counties:  Pike, Wayne & Monroe .



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