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Geothermal Heating vs Propane Heating - Propane Comes Out on Top!

Posted by Combined Energy Services on May 19, 2016 9:18:40 AM

 Geothermal System uses a ground loop - piping buried a few feet underground - to help transfer the energy from the earth into your home.

With the rise of interest to "go green," geothermal heating has entered the race as one of the best ways to heat your home and your appliances.  Deciding between geothermal heating vs propane heating can be a tough choice

With geothermal, there are talks of low energy costs through the utilization of the earth's thermal energy.  However, you don't install a heating system just for financial reasons, you do it to keep you and your family warm during long, cold winter months.  

And that's just it, more comfortable heat and lower upfront installation costs of propane make it the best choice for most projects!  

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