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Tri-State Carbonation Service visits the Cannabis World & Business Expo in New York City

Posted by Megan Gavin on Jun 5, 2018 10:07:10 AM

Cannibas Expo NYC-1

We can't imagine we'd have a booth at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo if you would have asked us a couple years ago, but here's Joe & Steve of our Tri-State Carbonation Service division at our booth inside the Javits Center in Manhattan this week. 

Our bulk CO2 delivery division primarily delivers for beverage carbonation in restaurants, bars & microbreweries - but we also deliver CO2 to marijuana grow facilities since plants like a bit more CO2 in the air during photosynthesis to grow faster & fuller. Thank you to the TCS team for representing us at one of the largest business-to-business trade show events for the cannabis industry!

Learn more about our bulk CO2 side - >

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